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carta riciclata nera

Here we are at the second fabrication. Produced for the first time a few months ago, orders have been collected, we are at the second production of the black recycled papers and cardboard. This time we can say we hit the mark. Not a carbon black like the previous one, but this time an intense black. A new black recycled paper has recently been launched, today it responds to the demands of the market which asked for an innovative and sustainable product. After several months of study, laboratory analysis and pre-fabrication in a mini prototype paper mill, we have managed to produce a recycled black paper available starting from a minimum order of 5-10 tons in weights from 127 to 550 g/m2 in rolls, strips and sheets.

carta nera
Black paper perfect mechanical characteristics

The new recycled black paper has aroused great interest among box and packaging manufacturers, as its technical characteristics make it suitable as a liner for boxes, guaranteeing mechanical resistance and robustness. In particular, recycled black paper can replace the current painted black covers, allowing box manufacturers to wink at eco-sustainability also from the point of view of the use of paints, which can now be left at home. From today therefore, not just brown corrugator papers.

We called this new black card “monstrous”, on the occasion of the launch coinciding with Halloween, but not only. Recycled black paper has, in fact, important technical characteristics similar to semi-chemical paper used for the construction of resistant corrugation for the creation of robust and super resistant boxes.

cartoncino nero
recycled black cardboard in strips

Great satisfaction with the first reel: perfect color and mechanical characteristics

The new recycled black paper is perfectly suited to the production of micro wave (sandwich) and cardboard boxes, but also as a cover (Liner) for both the outside and inside of the boxes. A novelty for innovative packaging designers, who can use the new paper for new papermaking projects.

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We are proud to be able to offer a product that combines high technical performance with a unique feature: its colour. The new carbon black recycled paper is available to order today, all thanks to the great work done by our production technicians.

Trevi black recycled paper reel

The new recycled black paper is a perfect example of circular economy, as it is made using 100% of raw materials coming from the separate collection of paper and cardboard. The Trevi paper mill is convinced that it is possible to combine high performance with attention to the environment and the new recycled black paper is proof of this.

Recycled black cardboard reel being rewound

Trevi’s new special black card was presented in October 2022 and produced in December 2022. It promises to be a product that will offer innovation, design and performance. We are ready to welcome your first orders and can’t wait to show off the unique color of this paper. Stay tuned for further details and to discover all the potential of Trevi’s new carbon black recycled paper.

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Not just coils and strips

The paper is also available in format. Thanks to the internal transformation department, in our paper processing plant there are two cutters and an automatic packaging and preparation plant for the transformation into sheets from reels. The small formats in black paper placemats are also already present and available to order in our online shop.

Charcoal black paper placemats

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