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interlayers for bootles

One of the most in-demand products these days for bottled mineral water, and the only finished product crafted by Cartiere di Trevi, is the layer pad made of single-layer greyboard.

Single-layer greyboard pads for cushioning bottles – mineral water: an excellent alternative to corrugated cardboard

single-layer greyboardIdeal for dividing, securing, and stacking bottled water on pallets, these single-layer greyboard pads are a terrific option, both in terms of cost, and in terms of logistics.

In fact, single-layer stretched-cardboard pads for mineral water bottles cost on average 20% less than those made out of corrugated cardboard. Because they are thinner, as well, each pallet (comparing metre-for-metre in height) will have more levels. This means faster unloading, and less warehouse space required.

There are a wide array of options and customisations available, making the product competitive not just for mineral water, but for any type of beverage.

These layer pads for bottles can also be a vehicle for product messaging, sending a personalised, targeted advert directly to your customer. A cost-effective and effective way to raise your brand visibility in many different points of sale – in those locations where products are often displayed directly on the pallet, and in the increasingly common distribution scenario where chains are limiting the space available for promotions.

An unusual choice, no doubt, but one suited to campaigns targeting a specific audience.

Cartiere di Trevi’s layer pads for water stand out in a crowd: choose the option that’s just right for you

colored layersAt Cartiere di Trevi we manufacture layer pads for bottles with rounded corners, and in a wide range of styles: from simple greys to coloured options, such as the mineral-water producer’s logo in full colour, or a print of the company’s logo. Choose the best option for your particular needs – we will deliver it printed and ready to go.

Weights range from 120 to 600 gr / square metre, with heights from a minimum format of 50×50 cm up to a maximum of 150×150 cm. Besides the classic grey colour, you can choose between beige, brown, and printed with the colour of your logo. Some of our products also allow for neutral poly-coated layer pads, made from dyed pulp, and personalised with a repeating flexographic print with up to eight (8) colours.

The layer pads for bottled water offer secure, reliable protection for packaged merchandise during transport and stocking, reducing movement and vibration on the individual items packaged on the pallet, giving you peace of mind that your products will arrive safely at their destination.

The key advantages of single-layer, non-corrugated cardboard: this is why you should choose it over corrugated cardboard

cardboard sheetsCorrugated cardboard is a heavyweight paper material still used by many palletisation companies across the world as a buffer in between layers of merchandise. It is used to stabilise bottles during transportation, and on the road. Yet sheets of corrugated cardboard require superfluous, and rather costly, handling.  This is why opting for single-layer, non-corrugated cardboard is an effective alternative. You save money, and streamline your logistics.

Sheets of corrugated cardboard are often pre-cut to pallet size, and are generally bundled, with each package offering a relatively small quantity of sheets. This means that you often find yourself having to buy new sheets, and this takes up space during transport, and consequently at the storage phase as well. All of this makes corrugated cardboard layer pads expensive, both in terms of time and in terms of money – they aren’t friendly to the environment, either.

Italian mineral-water producers are on the lookout for the most effective methods and technologies to reduce environmental impact whilst maintaining high qualitative standards. For this reason, valid options for manufacturing pallet liners is a must.

Here at Cartiere di Trevi we take our environmental footprint quite seriously. We work hard every day to reduce CO2 emissions, and we only use recycled materials.

We want to create a product that shows a secure provenance, and safe processing of raw materials. Single-layer greyboard will help you lower transport costs, reducing storage space, and reducing pollution at the same time.  Our goal is to help your company reach its full potential by helping you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and lower costs. You can use our single-layer greyboard pads for bottled mineral water, as well as for any other carbonated beverage.

At Cartiere di Trevi we can transform cardboard from reels of paper to finished sheets. These cardboard sheets are often then shipped for use in industrial bottling packaging and handling, for cardboard die-cutting, for modelling of specialty printed-paper products, setting up display cases for mineral water or other bottled beverages, producing shoe boxes, press or digital printing, and for editorial printing as well.

Are you working on a specific project? Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand in supermarkets using customised packing layers?

Contact us today – we will find the best solution for your business, together!

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