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Greyboard for tubes and cones

paperboard stiff tubes / cores for reels

the tube (or the cone) is made of paper stripes spiral wrapped round a metallic mandrel and glued. The number and characteristics of the stripes depend on the thickness of the core required.

G200, G220, G250, G300, customized profiles, depending on the strength requested by the customer.

main physical properties for the final use:

  1. grammage: from 120 to 500 g/m2
  2. thickness
  3. colour
  4. paper moisture between 5 and 7%, on demand
  5. bulk (inverse of density)
  6. Smoothness (calender)
  7. Porosity
  8. Ashes

main mechanical properties for the final use:

  1. delamination : an instrument called Scott Tester is used to measure the strength of inter fiber bonds of the paper subject to a force attempting to divide it into two layers.
  2. burst strength: strength of a paper sheet when is subjected to a force perpendicular to the surface.
  3. Taber Stiffness: resistance to bending
  4. sizing (Cobb): absorbance level

1. stripes or reels width between 5 and 230 cm
2. internal core and external diameter to be agreed before purchase
3. stretch film , pallets, neutral adhesive tape to be requested before purchase

Extra / Projects

  • 1. coloured tubes and cones
  • 2. collaterals of corrugated board to be used as tubes covers
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