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Paper for corrugators

Paper for corrugators / Paperboard for boxes in corrugated board / Paper board for stationery / Paper board for packaging

Greyboard in sheets

greyboard cut in sheets, after the production in reels, suitable for the wrapping lines, industrial packaging, cut-out outline, footwear producers, ...

High Joule use kraft board coreboard

paper board suitable for high restistance stiff tubes producers (also known as ‘cores’)

Honeycomb panels paper

paper board for honeycomb/ panels / joists

Printed cardboard

Customized cardboard / Customized strips / Edge protectors covers / Tubes covers

White cardboard

alternative to our grey and brown paper

carte riciclate colorate
Colored paper and cardboard

alternative to our grey and brown paper

Fruit paper

Cardboard fruit boxes / Paper for boxes vegetables / food packaging / Paper packaging fruit

Laminated cardboard

Extrusion coating

Placemats paperboard

Paper suitable for placemats and underplates

Paperboard for bags and envelopes

Paper suitable for commercial or industrial shopping bags.

Collaterals and stock

Full trim machine completion paper, so first production paper.

Greyboard for tubes and cones

paperboard stiff tubes / cores for reels

Greyboard for tissue paper cores

Core of toilet paper / small roll / hygienic tube / small tube / core is the tubular support, cores ...

Honeycomb separator paper

Paper board for honeycomb/ cardboard for separators/ cardboard dividers/ dividers for wine box

Paper black carbon

Our “Total Black“ recycled paper represents an innovation in the world of paper converting, thanks to its particular color and ...

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