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  • Via Clitunno, 4, 06039
    Trevi PG, ITALY

  • Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
    Closed Sat & Sun

We have opened the gates of the paper mill once again to visitors. A day open to the public, with free booking, dedicated to the production of recycled paper.

The event, now in its fifth edition, has attracted citizens, families, businesses, institutions and associations to show interest in seeing and learning about all the phases of the waste paper recycling process that takes place in the paper mill.

The day began with a brief presentation of the company and its mission to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly paper. The guests then took a short tour of the paper mill, accompanied by expert guides (all employees of the paper mill) who explained the recycled paper production process.

The tour followed the entire process of the production process. Guests saw all the bales of waste paper which are paper and cardboard waste thrown into the separate collection by homes and businesses.

Here we have explained the different types of paper and board that are collected and why it is important to carefully separate paper from other materials.

Subsequently, the guests witnessed the treatment phase of the plants, where the paper is depastigliated (pulperated) with water and cleaned of any contaminants such as plastics, metals, glues, polystyrene, sand and other non-paper materials.

Guests saw the process of separating paper from other materials and how waste and extraneous fractions are eliminated.

For the children, one of the most exciting moments was throwing paper and cardboard into the pulper, the large blender that depulpes paper with water. This allowed them to see how paper becomes pulp and how it is prepared for the production of new paper.

After the decrushing phase, the guests witnessed the paper pulp refining and the formation of the sheet. Here, visitors have seen how the pulp is pressed and dried, until it becomes a sheet of paper.

The last step of the tour was in the set-up section, where guests saw how the paper is cut and wound into rolls ready to be used for the production of boxes, toilet paper tubes, honeycomb cardboard, angles, interlayer sheets in cardboard, pastry trays, cardboard tubes for stretch film, tape cores and other paper products.

Throughout the tour, the CartaCircuito 2023, visitors learned the importance of properly sorting waste and not making mistakes by throwing plastic or other materials into the paper bins.

Technicians, supervisors, managers, all the employees of the paper mill were all available to visitors as guides to tell and explain the intensity of the work and the continuous 24-hour cycle that takes place in the paper mill.

Proper separate collection is essential for the production of recycled paper and to help protect the environment.

The open day concluded with a short question and answer session, where guests were able to pose questions to the experts of the Trevi Paper Mill. The day was a success and provided visitors with a complete overview of the production process of the recycled paper.

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