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no black friday


We don’t do clearance sales on our products.
No discounts either, not even for Black Friday! Relax. We were just joking!
Right now we’re all getting bombarded by these super-discount and early clearance sales because of an American custom that’s now taking hold, even here in Italy: ‘Black Friday’.
Today, however, we at Cartiere di Trevi are making a point of going against that trend by not offering any kind of discounts or clearance sales. A totally different approach. One where quality and service come first.
The origins of Black Friday
‘Black Friday’ falls just after Thanksgiving in the US and is the day when, according to a tradition that became the norm in the 1960s, American shopkeepers offer special discounts to kick off the Christmas shopping season. Why ‘Black’? Well, at the time, shopkeepers used to fill in their accounting records by pen, using red ink for loss-making accounts and black ink for surplus accounts. And on the Friday after Thanksgiving, with a little help from the sales, their accounts would naturally always be in the black.
According to another theory, though, the name has rather less poetic origins.
The word ‘black’ was to do with the traffic jams on the streets and the thousands of Americans thronging the stores, lured by discounts – valid that day only – of up to 80%.
For some years now, including in Italy, Black Friday has become a regular fixture for those who like to take advantage of some of the great pre-Christmas discounts.
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