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Announcement of price increase with immediate effect for all products

Trevi, March 18, 2024 | Cartiere di S.p.A. informs Customers and Business Partners that, with immediate effect, all sales prices have increased by 10%. A necessary decision due to the constant rise in the prices of recovered paper, chemicals, and energy.

“The costs related to energy resources such as Natural Gas and Electricity have not yet returned to pre-conflict market levels. Recovered Paper prices, which constitute 100% of our raw materials, are again rising for the next quarter. Due to the shortage of availability, subsidiary materials such as Starch, Glue, and Dyes continue to have costs sustained above average.

We are therefore forced to adjust our selling prices, also in light of an improvement in demand for our products, such as corrugated boards (Fluting, Medium, Semi-Chemical Use Paper, 2P Super Semi-Chemical Use Paper); Grey boards in strips for toilet paper cores; Cardboard partitions for mineral waters, beverages,; Honeycomb cardboard for honeycomb cores, for corners, for textile tubes and cones.

It is a necessary choice to ensure our Customers receive high-quality products and excellent service. An initiative already started days ago by major corrugated board producers in Germany (See Press Review below).” Franco Graziosi – CEO Cartiere di Trevi S.p.A.

Press review updated to March 18, 2024:
March 18th: Prices climb for ordinary recovered paper grades in Germany |
March 11th: Hamburger Containerboard announces price increase |
March 12th: Recycled containerboard prices in Germany start rising |
March 4th: Woodfree uncoated paper producers launch new price hike initiative |
February 28th: Prices for mixed paper and OCC slightly up in Britain in February |
February 14th: Pulp prices continuing to climb in Europe at the start of the new year |
February 19th: US OCC, DLK, mixed paper pricing runs show no signs of slowdown |

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