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  • Via Clitunno, 4, 06039
    Trevi PG, ITALY

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Since 1830 till now.

Cartiere di Trevi S.p.A was founded in 1960 on the old site of Cartiera Bonaca by Aldo Graziosi heir of a family that had been involved in the paper industry for a century. Aldo restructured the factory, modernizing it for the production of straw paper in reels to take advantage of the flourishing market in cardboard packaging.

The first ten years mark a constant increase in production, reaching up to 800 tons a month, thanks to courageous investment plans and technological research, the 70's represent the turning point for Cartiere di Trevi. With environmental awareness rising and strict regulations coming into play globally, Cartiere di Trevi had to be proactive and transform for the future.

Producing paper and cardboard from straw was generating too much pollution, and in the future hardly sustainable by the territory. For this reason the next decade registers a few initiatives, courageous for those times: moving the discharges from the river Clitunno, a regional treasure and sacred river since ancient times, to river Maroggia, progressively abandoning straw as raw material in favor of recycled paper and installing a purification plant.

Since 1982 the company has exclusively used recycled paper for production, with obvious benefits including: reducing the use of raw material (115 Kg recycled paper per every quintal of finished product); reducing pollution in the water used for production by 65%; lower energy consumption and harmful emissions, perfecting our product, with chemical and physical characteristic; increase in employment and production.

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