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cartoncino blu riciclato


May, a month of color. A packed production schedule that will lead to the manufacture of many colored papers and cardboards, all recycled, based on recovered paper. Are you interested? Ask for information.

The spring wind brings with it an explosion of colors, and the month of May is no exception, especially here at Trevi Paper Mills. In a blend of sustainability and creativity, we dive once again into a wide production of recycled colored papers and cardboards, fueling the enthusiasm of customers looking for innovative, eco-friendly, and vibrant solutions to create WOW packaging and products. Click and see an example.

Which colors are planned?
The recycling palette includes: Straw Yellow, Magenta Red, Pink, Green, and Blue. The stage is tinged with vibrant shades of yellow, a soft magenta red, pink, Green, and the fantastic ocean blue, offering a wide range of options for customers eager to add a touch of distinctive color to their projects. These colors, derived from a careful and responsible recycling process, embody Trevi Paper Mills’ commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Towards a greener future: The production process of colored recycled papers
In a transformation journey from raw material to colored beauty, here in Trevi, we skillfully combine the art of paper recycling with modern technology. The process begins with the careful selection of recovered paper (waste paper) from separate collection, a crucial step that reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainability. This recycled raw material is then transformed into beautiful reels, strips, or colored sheets, ready to bring new projects and creative ideas to life

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Innovation and sustainability: the latest frontier of paper placemats
In addition to standard production in reels, strips, and sheets, the latest addition from the paperboard division is the disposable paper placemat for restaurants and catering. The latest consumer product recently added to the Trevi family. The paper placemats available in 16 colors can be purchased directly from the Online Shop and represent an excellent choice for those seeking sustainable and quality solutions for their establishment. Recyclable and available in different weights to suit every need, these placemats offer an impeccable gastronomic experience, with a touch of color and style.

Conclusions: towards a more colorful and sustainable future
May marks a new chapter in Trevi Paper Mills’ commitment to sustainability and innovation. With an increasing production of recycled colored papers and cardboards, Trevi continues to lead the way towards a greener and more vibrant future. If you’re looking for a product that stands out from the crowd, improves logistics, increases brand awareness, take a leap to Trevi and discover the potential of colored recycled paper or innovative black paper.

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