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tubi cartone colorato

Here is the latest creation of CT-LAB. A team of technicians who develop innovative products in collaboration with customers to improve productivity and solve problems.

New colored recycled papers:
carte colorate riciclate

Range of colored recycled papers

“It is thanks to the trust of trusted and consolidated partners, that we can develop new ideas and increase the range of papers and boards to create original packaging, always based on 100% recycled” announces the Sales Director of Cartiere di Trevi Paolo Magnaghi ( In the picture).

scatole di cartone colorate

Colored cardboard boxes

These are just some perfect application examples:

a) Colored industrial tubes, ready to become the core of coils of numerous materials.

b) Colored boxes to contain different objects combined with identifiable brands or products.

Each color, or rather colored recycled paper, with a degree of absorbency and specific technical characteristics for the customer, is used as the cover of the tube, corresponds to a specific measurement of the diameter of the cardboard tube itself, so as to represent an obvious advantage from the point of logistic view, due to the immediacy that derives from it.

The economic aspect is also important, continues Magnaghi: “Not to mention the savings, compared to the more traditional cards used externally, for the manufacture of the tube”

carta blu

If you are looking to develop a product for your company, request information, samples and quotes immediately.

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