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carta riciclata colorata verde acqua

There are many ways to call a colored paper, but the important thing is that it is beautiful, captivating, and above all, environmentally friendly like our aqua green recycled paper.

  1. Aqua green paper
  2. Water green paper
  3. Turquoise paper
  4. Teal paper
  5. Seafoam green paper
  6. Mint green paper
  7. Aquamarine paper
  8. Emerald green paper

Here is the production process of colored recycled papers at Cartiere di Trevi (About Us).

Welcome to our fascinating world of Cartiere di Trevi, where the art of paper recycling combines with the creativity of colors. In this short video, we will take you behind the scenes to show you our process of producing colored recycled papers, which transform the recycled waste paper collected from recycling into beautiful colored sheets.

Our journey begins with the careful selection of waste paper, which comes directly from recycling. This recycled raw material allows us to reduce environmental impact and actively contribute to sustainability.

Once selected, the waste paper is transformed into pulp and prepared for the coloring process. The next step is the addition of color in bulk. We use high-quality and safe pigments to create a wide range of vibrant and appealing colors. Thanks to this technique, we are able to obtain colored recycled papers with a uniform and long-lasting shade that perfectly suits any creative project. Our colored recycled papers and cardboards are available in a wide range of thicknesses, ranging from 120 to 550 grams per square meter.

This allows us to offer versatile options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for rolls, strips, or sheets, we have the perfect format. Join us on this journey to the heart of Umbria, step into production, and see how we produce colored recycled papers in our paper mill. Experience the beauty and innovation of our creations, made with passion and commitment to sustainability.

Discover how recycled paper can become an ecological and creative option for your stationery, packaging, artistic, handicraft, or design projects. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on the latest news in the field of colored recycled papers and to further explore our product offerings.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey into the world of colored recycled papers at Cartiere di Trevi. Keep watching other videos!

From the Foodservice division:

We also have a stationery division where we transform our papers into various finished and semi-finished industrial products. Disposable paper placemats for the foodservice industry are the latest product to arrive at Trevi.

Enter the online shop.

Sustainability is the keyword

The aqua green paper placemats are recyclable, thus contributing to waste reduction and environmental impact. The placemats are available in convenient packs containing 125 or 250 sheets and are delivered packaged and protected in rigid corrugated cardboard boxes. It is important to note that the placemats are suitable only for dry food contact, ensuring maximum safety for your guests. Pairing a quality paper napkin with the aqua green placemats is an excellent choice to complete the table setting.

Grammage options

The placemats are available in three different grammages to meet the diverse needs of our customers. The 120-130 grams per square meter grammage represents the most common and versatile choice. If you are looking for more resistant and crease-resistant placemats, you can opt for the 170-220 grams per square meter grammage. If you desire a thick placemat, very heavy and stable even in the presence of wind, the 400-500 grams per square meter grammage is the ideal choice. Our aqua green placemats for restaurants offer numerous advantages.

100% hygiene

They are disposable, which means they save time and effort in table cleaning while ensuring a hygienic environment for customers. Additionally, they represent a cost-effective solution for your establishment, offering a touch of elegance and color without burdening the budget.

Accessories are important

We cater to restaurateurs and hoteliers, so we expand the range with related products. In our online shop we have also included important accessories such as cutlery pouches, napkins and more. Colors are important to dare an original look to your establishment. In this case, a combination of a contrasting teal paper placemat with a black napkin creates an elegant and refined effect, adding further style to your gastronomic experience. Choosing teal placemats for restaurants means investing in a versatile and eye-catching option. It is also possible to personalize them with the printing of logos, drawings or menus.

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